Yokozawa Takafumi
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Hair Color:

Payne's gray

Eye Color:



Works in Financial Department


Cat (Sorata)


Masamune Takano (ex-lover) Zen Kirishima (actual lover)

Voice Actor(s):

Kenyuu Horiuchi

Yokozawa Takafumi is one of the minor characters of Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi. He is part of the plot, but he isn't seen much apart from when he is warning Onodera to stay away from Takano. Yokozawa works in the Financial Department, which means he deals with keeping track of how books are selling.


Yokozawa is a very strict and grumpy person. He usually ends up getting into big fights with Takano when they are at work, but outside of that, Yokozawa's outlook changes around Takano. He can get a bit cocky as well when he thinks that he is much better for Takano than Onodera is. Yokozawa feels jealousy toward Onodera since he broke his lovers heart, and he how Onodera was able to keep a grip on Takano for so long when he wanted Takano to himself. He soon learns to accept it, no matter how much it hurt him inside.


Not much is known about Yokozawa's background except that he was a good friend of Takano's when they were in college. He was there to help Takano back on his feet when Onodera left him. He was also his lover at some point, but it didn't last long when Takano began to regret having sex with him. Yokozawa helped to take care of him and make sure he went back to his classes. He also took Sorata from Takano, telling him that if he couldn't take care of himself there was no way he could take care of a pet.